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'Dream' tickets fist Romnin, Barack Obama, as well as to get into a discussion Hofstra students

Tuesday Hofstra University East Meadow student, an additional half-Le-hand Sinai walking around with a bow.

He received a golden ticket.

"You said that there were up to 10 to request e-mail I saw that it was 9:50 in the morning." Holy - I now have to respond to respond to hit .. ''

Sina, 25, a graduate student in a double bill and business Obamaand former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney between President Barack Hempstead won a seat in Tuesday's presidential debate at Hofstra students are among the approximately 300. More than 6,500 students hot ticket in town away from mid-September to early October is an online sweepstakes entry.

After his first instinct was to text her husband, she was to meet for lunch on Tuesday was a friend "is really me.'m Not going to discuss. 'M sorry." Where are clearly jealous ranged from desperate comment to congratulate Then, Facebook has sent news.

But Sina, not exclude entering politics for a volatile voters, the size of the front row is a real opportunity for the candidates. "For me, it is a dream to go to," said Sina. "I think it's very important at this time only."