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Regarding a murder the flag which bounces the Brazil housewife and the husband where the guilt is given proof

THE UPPER GREEN ONION [lwu] WHICH WILL CRY, BRAZIL [QP Korean/Brazilian Food Desk] - the Brazil housewife her husband the guilt is given proof today at 19 it is in the jail for a murder the line it boils, but it cuts that body small with nip and the [thwi] it is long. Rosanita Nery dos Santos and 52 narcotic drug, that time in gruel sound that person it will live the [lu], from northeast approximately 900 mile of Sao Paulo before 2 years it punctures is to his sleep police spokesman Idmar Bonfim her husband who, commercial business it revealed. She boiled and very that time, 100 formation of a cabinet, before on the stairway lower part where she is in her house hiding it from the plastic bag the [thwi] she was long, Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos bodies which it reveals roughly Bonfim she cut. Him after the police receives an anonymous transformation, it discovered the body part it talked the thing. Bonfim part of reading ceremony non lac every [cik] where the murder collects the grudge or $34,000 summary life assurance value in the wife was revealed the thing. From the relative of the woman it refers a confession, he does end, her in order to retaliate also from her husband whom it does not know shame many year the map which “will do a crime.” He did not provide a detailed fact. Santos killed her husband and it negated and the thing small she that body, comfort it was small it talked, Bonfim revealed. “She entered and the assailant who masks in her house, she killed and the body in her which it reduces her husband after that comfort she demanded and offensive odor of the decomposition body the neighborhood person in order the flag which bounces,” he talked it because means that will close the fact that it is smart.


Fall Yellowstone of Feds grizzly of list

Helena/Rotterdam [QP Grizzly desk] -- Grizzly roars in and around the national need of the park Yellowstone the protection of certificate of types, no longer endangered the federal governments aforesaid Thursday. The area had valued 136 up to 312 grizzlies the type such as those in 1975, is then threatened was mentioned, but more than 500 of roar today has, the government said.
"Grizzly a large carnivore that a lot space has been required, and the conservation of such animals is a challenge in the world of today," the internal secretary Lynn Scarlett of the delegate aforesaid in announcing the decision. "I believe all Americans proudly would have be that, since a nation, we had to the will and the capacity this protect symbol of the bush and repair."
The internal department said in 2005, that to delist the grizzly roar around Yellowstone in the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming meant. The type remains protected in other parts of the state of Idaho, of Montana and of washington; Alaska, where the bear was never threatened, are the some other place where the type roams. Stripping of roars of protection could the manner eventually clear for the restricted hunting of the animals. A measure which would permit such hunting the senate of Montana has proceeded.
Antagonists of delisting, among which than 250 scientists and research workers who the government a letter of protest these yielded, question more sent if the bear population is not be large genetically several enough and buitendruk such as overall heating and resist food shortage publicity "we is possible a risk with the first wants at of the nation take," aforesaid Michael Scott, executive director of the larger coalition Yellowstone. The Council of the defence of natural wealth said it of plan is if one process or one or other form of congress intervention to pursue to stop delisting.
But some environment groups have supported delisting, which the grizzly bear calls a success tale, and the senators of Wyoming called the decision long still due. "eventual," aforesaid Sen. Mike Enzi, r-Wyo. Overgegaane decades. In number raised roar. The federal government was himself motionlessly. Today definitively that changes. Grizzly management to the state will move where it would have be. The fish of the V.S. and service of wildly intends a definite rule on delisting 29 March, aforesaid spend Enzi. The rule becomes 30 days effective after it is published in the federal register.


The exaltation which deflects the family, it enters into the attack woman and the boy

Korean Kitten Exaltation Desk [QP] - The exaltation which 2 E [li] deflects the northern part [phul] after entering toward the house which is to the lat it attacked 3 name people. “I went out and it the whole i saw the thing, but to go out and like that thing [kath] did not see the thing thought the thing assuredly,” the Martin Gutschenritter chief of police talked Tuesday. The help Monday request took away the animal control officer to Melissa Breva families and [cyon] Pettit and Gutschenritter revealed. Breva talked Pettit where it seizes the cat 2 she is in a bedroom.

“She entered, when the front gate is being opened, Gutschenritter where the cat” talks with the house, she attacked it talked 2 name women who visit Breva after that.

Who the dog which it holds, Wendy Holliday it underwent and the position scratch revealed being important, she two ankle whole and two knees is with was fed up in her left calf.

“She talked and when the cat 2 enters into dwelling, in compliance with it the officer who happens reason hazard she attacked,” Gutschenritter revealed.

The different woman, Rebecca Cheever were fed up in the calf which hits.

After talking to the woman, Pettit went to his truck for the snare -- His “cat catcher.”

That time he shout stroke listened from inside the house.

When “he runs after, he had the blood in his face and he saw the young male,” Gutschenritter revealed.

Exaltation it attacked the boy who opens the bedroom door.

“He was fed up in his forehead, the nose, the left ear and the cheek which hits revealed” being important.

From Pettit after what kind of giving first-aid treatment, 3 it had the control which folds compared to in the great plain area medical center for and it went. The inquirer will arrive and ten time [cyon] Stadler, “he will reach and a gray and the white cat it to an attack form it is to distinguish the bedroom door he saw,” Gutschenritter revealed. “He closed the bedroom door and in his car for the dart gun he gave back.”

The composed transgression which is two cats it burns and the animal care which is smallness it has, euthanized.


Hip hour in the cliff and the coil reputation corridor

Italian Reputation Corridor Desk [QP] - Flash of Grandmaster and the five Furious once again has broken the music kinds when they have been introduced in the cliff and the coil reputation corridor the monday - announcing once again that the dry blow and the hip-luppolo are an important part of the music industry. They have joined other hard actuators Van Halen of the inductees, mistress Patti Smith of the punk, the wireless group of the girl of the years 60 of `the Ronettes and veterans R.E.M of the university.

During their induction, the president jay-z of annotations of the inceppamento of Def, than recently has sent back to the world of the dry blow with a new album, has discussed as the dry blow has been developed from when the days in advance payment of flash of Grandmaster and the five Furious they have broken a new land.

The Jay Z has declared: “Thirty years more subsequently than rappers have become cliff stars, the star of cinema, the heads, the educators, the filantropi, even CEOs that no of this would have been possible without the job of these men. „

The night moreover Smith has seen Patti impressionabile at last to take its legitimate place in the reputation corridor and receives a ovation enormous for its job in the music industry. Smith, that it had been neglected from the corridor of reputation in past, has transformed itself in in a icona in the kind of music of the punk and has regulated the champion for many of odierni executory of the punk.

During its induction Fred has shared the history of its delayed husband Smith “Sonic „and ringraziato other family and friends.

The night moreover has seen an induction in some way scomoda of the actuators Van Halen of years 80 - who has been in the news lately ringraziano to the cancellation of a turn of reunion and the announcement of the Eddie Van Halen of the guitarist that head in rehab. Wrap has been introduced from the members of the revolver of the velvet, but from the former singer Sammy Hagar and bassist previous Michael Anthony he only was on hand.


Israeli Ambassador found brightly, drunk on city street

German Ball Gag Desk & Harness [QP] - Israel recalled its Ambassador after El-Salvador, after it was found bright on the roads by the serious-drunk and apart from farmhand shaft gear.

Supervise found Tzuriel Refael in a road close of the Israeli message in the San Salvador with the police.

He was drunk, was blocked its hands and he was only in the situation to mark itself after a rubber ball was removed from its opening.

An Israeli strange Ministry civil servant described the behavior of the Ambassador as unparalleled embarrassment.

It was recalled immediately to Israel.

San Salvador was Mr. Refaels first, who communicates as an Ambassador, after he was promoted last year by a technical position in the strange Ministry.

The scandal led to renewed criticism over the way, which preselects Israel its diplomats.


After Bush visiting the minister who purifies a location

Korean Mayan Sacrifice Desk [QP] - Mayan ministers after visiting the next week, in the President Bush new star one archeology group “the civil official who has bad spirit ", the relationship which is close will purify Thursday which talks a location in order to eliminate.

“The person joined in and (Bush) with the warfare which it likes with oppression of our immigrant sibling who is in the United States it joined in, he was doing, in order from our new star one ground the leg work the [lye] the violation for Mayan people who are he provoked, their culture,” Juan Tiney Mayan religious and revealed leader Thursday of Mayan rain governmental organizations which have the relationship which is close in the political leader.

Seven day tour of Bush's Latin America dries and nine Oh reels the stopover first which is it includes late Sunday. Monday to morning he Mayans mainly in the high west tableland was to endurance of the central American nation where the person has become dwelling [khey] it visits an archeology location Iximche he was planned all.

Their ancestor will can rest from peace the thing after Bush's visiting Tiney and to be like that “purifying the new star one location of bad spirit " indispensability “the mental guide of Mayan communities” it decided it revealed. He also talked a religious ceremony -- Song the vice- [lu] and the direction which burns, the herbs and the candle which thing which accompanies -- Latin America Indian March 26-30th the 3rd normality will prepare a hazard location.

Bush's travel on the front of his arrival with the police who is in Brazil protest and the collision which it has about under including the protest which it ignites to the already different place from Latin America, there is a time. Bush will visit Sunday from report other, in compliance with Colombia 300 warm winter police who have the explosive which it makes from the rock which fights 200 students and the small house masked.

The united states Bush “history from fine murderer " and “demon. “It called, Hugo Chavez of President Venezuela left flank fight the effect which happens and the tour which challenges in the sharp perception which disregards Iximche, with on the capital west of the reel drying hour mote 30 mile at 1524 at capital of Kaqchiqueles kingdoms, were discovered an endurance all it is aimed on the front of Spain conquest.


Refrigerating chamber throws you can from the beer

German Beer Desk [QP] - When John Cornwell of Duke University last year graduated, landed it, a job as software Engineer in Atlanta however was soon longing for its university life-style. Thus the graduate of technique an announcement of the life on Campus established itself: a refrigerating chamber, which can throw A box beer to its couch with the clicking of a remote maintenance.

„I understood it quite, after I went out, “said Cornwell, one May 2006 graduate of Huntington, N.Y., „, I the university scene missed. It represents the university spirit, which I wished leave to go not of.“

Cornwell took you to the 22 a yearly approximately 150 hours and $400 in the parts, in order to change a mini refrigerating chamber, which is general for many university sleep hall areas into the beer-throwing new identification, which can discharge 10 doses beer of its magazine, before it needs a reloading.

If clicking the direct transmission, by which keyless device the entry of a car is reworked, raises a small elevator within the refrigerating chamber a beer box by a drilling and loads it into the catapult arm of the refrigerating chamber. Second clicking fires the device and throws the beer to 20 foot „far to enough to arrive at the couch “said it.

Is there a foam rubber explosion, if the box is opened? Not if the absorptive use yields „hands “, which box to swings, as if get caught, Cornwell, said.

If it developed its beer catapult, Cornwell said the fact that he indented some walls and near at A by its television inadvertently throws box came. It is fine-co-ordinated the machine since, in order to land a beer, in which it normally at home, mount, which it designated „a right-angled couch system. “

For now the machine throws only to doses, although Cornwell thought of forming a version, which can throw a bottle. Most beer, which it by the machine run left, was at a party, when it discharged a pair of 24 box boxes.

„I pushed the superdish watch out much out, “said he. „My friends are the reason, which I established him. I explained over the idea and hyped her to them as much and I had with it to go through. “

A screen, which marks the device, is a success on the Internet, in that more as 600,000 people it with watched out and acquires Cornwell more than $3,000 of the web site.

Cornwell said that he spoke with a brewing company about the machine, but at the moment only one exists. Asked, whether he could begin to establish some for, to sales, he said: „I hold that the choice opened, dependent on interest. “

As Cornwell a class participant at the duke was - a selection, private university in Durham - he participated to that technique robot basketball competitions the school, mentioned mechanical engineering natures professor Bob Kielb. He said the class participants, who were tried, in order to establish a robot, which could fetch a Pingpongkugel back and throw it into a small volume.

„He did always well in him, “said Kielb. „He came above with completely singular ideas. “