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Shrub which is treated for sickness Lyme previous year

Washington/Rotterdam [QP Vector Desk] - President Bush was treated for Lyme sickness last august, announced Wednesday of the white house after does not succeed reveal the problem for almost a year.
The treatment was revealed only then the white house all results of the annual physical examination of the shrub on Wednesday public made. It appeared in the section "of the past medical history" and in the summary with other skin conditions. The shrub was treated for what is doctors asked described breaking loose such as ", localised sickness Lyme" after developing the characteristic bullseye.
The sickness of Lyme is tick-borne a contagion which, if can cause onbehandeld left, artritis and other problems. The symptoms can include lethargie, common pain, fever, the limping and loss of appetite. A bacterial sickness, it can be eradicated with antibiotic treatment at the early stages, but are not possible more complicatedly to treat as early to be caught.
Did not say the treatment of the shrub to the spokesman Scott Stanzel of the white house in former days was revealed because it happened after its last fysiek, on 1 august, 2006. He did not say the doctors decided blood researches for sickness because to carry out Lyme the treatment for the one area worked where the President experienced a breaking loose, and he never progressed to other symptoms or saw a recurrence. "it was a breaking loose," aforesaid Stanzel. "it is not unusual for the President have tikbeten when he from the biking." the most important form of the President of exercise and recreational activity biking has.
To be doctors recommended him starts long trousers and lang-sleeved the overhemden and nevel of the gebruiksinsect in risk-bearing areas such as Maine, carry where he spends this weekend at coast the summer house of its parents.


With 755 in the books, connections adjusted, around Aaron A at home to lead

San Diego/Berlin [QP Questionable Achievements Desk] - Lucky and visibly tired Barry connections took questions in the giant club house Sunday mornings. Fair hours, after career house NR. 755 to run leaves, fought it, in order to use its completion in perspective. "I had, said and wiped not time," he its right hand off over its face. "it feels straight strange. I do not know which to think at the moment."
Telephone cell of the connections is full from congratulatory the announcements of the friends in and from the play, said it. Additionally to celebrating its completion with family Saturday night, he was pleased, the large moment with Alex Rodriguez (who to divide his 500. Career output run Saturday afternoon against Kansas town center struck) and Ken Griffey Jr. it had not spoken yet with its godfather Willie May. May left an announcement, but connections had not still back gebenannt. "it was late (the giant Padres play went to 12 Innings Saturday night),", said it and gluckste. "I cannot designate Willie in the morning around clock."
Of course the calls, which did not come at all, were also a part of the historical weekend in San Diego. "No.,", said connections scarcely, as in demand whether ball had designated Aaron, in order to offer congratulations. And representative bud blessed, which called Rodriguez, in order to congratulate him on its completion, designated not or went past to offer connection congratulations in the person. Connection spoke in high of degrees said by Aaron on Saturday night, Saying, "us, since baseball players have and particularly as African-American athlete, such enormous respect for ball Aaron," and also it would welcome "the assigned one" at any time.
Although it did not play on Sunday (it was "present" to wedge success only after the name). Getting seins, more extended practice learning section and house striking in former times run note-bind, on Saturday, seemed connections convinced and, how it looked in front to the week, and for the prospect of shaking the traveler Pressecorpses comfortably, which followed its pursuit of recording Aarons.


Russia proud, provocative after requires northern pole

Moscow/Athens [QP Arctic Desk] - Russia expressed the pride and the scorn Friday after a mission of landmarks in the bottom of northern pole that prompted a chorus of djakwmw'disis in the west for the placement of flag in the wkea'njo floor. A pair the Russian mj'nj-submarines reached in the most minimum point of Arctic ocean Thursday trying to are promoted the claims of Russia beyond the resource-rich bottom.
But the symbolic placement of Russian flag drew there the scorn from the superior employees in Canada and the United States - and country with their ambitions they exploit bulky oil and gas the reserves of Arctic potentially. "I read the messages for the statements that the Canadian colleague me made. With kate'plixan genuinely, the "Russian foreigner Minister Sergei Lavrov was reported by the delegation of news Interfax as saying at the duration of visit in the Manila.
The Canadian foreigner Minister Peter MacKay had said DET of broadcasters Thursday: "You look at, this it is not the 15$os century. You cannot go round the flags of worlds and installations and say, "we require this ground." "Washington was equally contemptuous. "I am not certain for if they've put a flag of metals, a lastjhe'nja flag or a sheet in the wkea'njo floor," said the representative Tom Casey of ministry of abroads. "Or the way, this does not have any legal surface or the effect in this claim." The Lavrov was replied aganaktjsme'na, saying: "We do not throw the flags around. We know what we can prove."
Diplomatic the dust portrays that how many it is in danger kacw's the reserves of apoljcwme'nwn fuels are decreased worldwide and receding Arctic ice renders the ypocala'ssjes exploration and the dja'trysi always more realistic. The American geological research, a delegation of American government, calculates that the roughly 25 tojs hundred reserves of world oil they are found above the Arctic circle. Russia has tried already it requires the ypocala'ssja rights that tentw'noyn in the pole, in a submission 2001 in the United Nations. That claim were rejected, and the Russian mission of this week searched the elements in order to is supported a new application.


Nicole Richie confirms it is more schwanger

Los Angeles/Munich [QP Pregnant Skeleton Desk] - After months of the rumors, Nicole Richie confirmed Tuesday that she is more schwanger. "am I. We are, "DIANE Sawyer of the Richie explained ABC message, thereby an interview to be ventilated can this week. "I am nearly four months." Frontman the father, her makes, is friend Richies, good Charlotte moved for Joel explained ABC, which published a message release over the interview.
The star 25-year-old "of the simple life" and upagain last week with driving spoke comrades of Paris Hilton under the influence and the resulting four-active prison set also with Sawyer about its guilty pretext. "I have a responsibility and her am something, which I harmed, and if I could with each individual person personally me excuse, which A lost, loved from drunk driving, I became," said Richie. "and unfortunately I can not, but this is my way of paying my fees and taking of responsibility and the Seins an arising." Richie divided also its thoughts on their hard partying contemporaries and which effect their bad behavior on young fans has.

The interview ventilated on "good morning America" on Thursday and on Friday and on "20/20" Friday night.