Tubes For Giving Different Words Back


'Dream' tickets fist Romnin, Barack Obama, as well as to get into a discussion Hofstra students

Tuesday Hofstra University East Meadow student, an additional half-Le-hand Sinai walking around with a bow.

He received a golden ticket.

"You said that there were up to 10 to request e-mail I saw that it was 9:50 in the morning." Holy - I now have to respond to respond to hit .. ''

Sina, 25, a graduate student in a double bill and business Obamaand former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney between President Barack Hempstead won a seat in Tuesday's presidential debate at Hofstra students are among the approximately 300. More than 6,500 students hot ticket in town away from mid-September to early October is an online sweepstakes entry.

After his first instinct was to text her husband, she was to meet for lunch on Tuesday was a friend "is really me.'m Not going to discuss. 'M sorry." Where are clearly jealous ranged from desperate comment to congratulate Then, Facebook has sent news.

But Sina, not exclude entering politics for a volatile voters, the size of the front row is a real opportunity for the candidates. "For me, it is a dream to go to," said Sina. "I think it's very important at this time only."


The boy is very difficult to find the police a sober driver

SCHERERVILLE, Ind. (AP) — Police sealed after the Angarsk-Nakhodka, and arrested the mother drive her car after drinking, relatives of three-year-old son and also one of her chosen the water and all about love. Police early six-star on the stage, 30-year-old Schererville signs of northwest California, Angarsk-Nakhodka free bread car. In addition, the cost of car driving, drinking water, whether or not the police-year-old woman for 24 years.

Since then, his father came to pick the face of the general staff of the customs of other people's contracture to catch up with Japan's Maritime alcohol, driving motor vehicles after drinking to decide whether the allegations.

Police, Tong Man-The grandparents have arrived. Agence France-Presse, the names of the two men drink, and the national police, not the law did not drive the extra grandmother, 10 times more than the home team officials of the children.


Obama's Korean Acceptance Speech

Part-gay Politico Desk [AP] - If you suspect that the United States, where no one, all things, we are still alive, the founder of the dream of a miracle no one, who in our time, we have a problem with the power of democracy, this is your answer.

The answer to the people I've never seen this number the lines, schools and the expansion of the church to the nation; time, so that no one should be different for 3 hours or 4 hours, for the first time in his life, a lot of people wait; their voices to be different Was fine.

It highlighted the answer to the young and old, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans, Latin American, Asian, Native American, gay, part gay, straight, white, black, disabled and not disabled - American publication of the information world, we have red And blue is never the United States of America, we will always.

The answers to all the people for too long, too much cynicism, as well as we have been told to fear and doubt in the hands of the arc of history once again to hope they can achieve more during the day reoipnida bend.

Because we ileulhaeya a long time in one day for the future, and today, however, in this election, this is a critical moment, the changes came to the United States.

McCain's Korean Concession Speech

Thank you. Thank you, my friend. Here's a beautiful evening, thank you for coming to Arizona.

My friend, we - the end of the long journey. They say the United States has clearly.

A few days ago the Senate had called to congratulate him mae overreacting.


In the next presidential election in the country, congratulate him, we all love.

Long and hard enough to compete in this series, the success of his instructions and I have respect for his abilities and tenacity. However, the hope of millions of Americans that he's really wrong, and people realize what a deep respect and commend him for president of the United States has almost nothing to do with the encouragement and a lot of trust.

This is a historic election, you should realize, that's why today, and Africa - the United States and with that special someone has a special meaning.

I always provide a chance for all industries in the United States and I do not think you want to seize the opportunity. Obama is too much to believe.

But even if all of us from injustice, you know, we are a long way from the old days, once the country's reputation and the fact that we still have the power to hurt the United States citizenship, the memory part of the blessing of American stained.

Honda reveals robot-like wearable

Tokyo/Lisbon/Marseille [QP Mechanical Executive Desk] - Imagine a seat of bicycle connected by mechanical executives to a pair of shoes for an idea of as the new device wearable of Honda functions. The experimental device, revealed Friday, is projected to support the weight of the body, to reduce l'effort in the knees and the people of it helps raises stages and is remained in positions d'squatting. Honda envisages the device which is used by workers in l'car or in the other factories. It showed a video of the employees of Honda which consume the device and which yield in lower part of the vehicles in a production line. The coordinator Ashihara June also said that the machine is useful for the people which are in the large files and for the people which function around to make deliveries.

To consume it, you by the seat between their feet, by on the close-cropped shoes and push on the key. Then only it starts to go around. In a test for means, this journalist finds who takes some to accustom. But I could detetar as it supported my movements, while raising in my lower part when I squatted and pushing in my soles to help with rising my feet when went. The system has a computer, an engine, pinions, a battery and probes boxed in him at once which answer a person movements of S, in accordance with Honda Engine Co. Plants of the fixing of the price and the healthy commercial product still boats with the drifting net.


Shrub which is treated for sickness Lyme previous year

Washington/Rotterdam [QP Vector Desk] - President Bush was treated for Lyme sickness last august, announced Wednesday of the white house after does not succeed reveal the problem for almost a year.
The treatment was revealed only then the white house all results of the annual physical examination of the shrub on Wednesday public made. It appeared in the section "of the past medical history" and in the summary with other skin conditions. The shrub was treated for what is doctors asked described breaking loose such as ", localised sickness Lyme" after developing the characteristic bullseye.
The sickness of Lyme is tick-borne a contagion which, if can cause onbehandeld left, artritis and other problems. The symptoms can include lethargie, common pain, fever, the limping and loss of appetite. A bacterial sickness, it can be eradicated with antibiotic treatment at the early stages, but are not possible more complicatedly to treat as early to be caught.
Did not say the treatment of the shrub to the spokesman Scott Stanzel of the white house in former days was revealed because it happened after its last fysiek, on 1 august, 2006. He did not say the doctors decided blood researches for sickness because to carry out Lyme the treatment for the one area worked where the President experienced a breaking loose, and he never progressed to other symptoms or saw a recurrence. "it was a breaking loose," aforesaid Stanzel. "it is not unusual for the President have tikbeten when he from the biking." the most important form of the President of exercise and recreational activity biking has.
To be doctors recommended him starts long trousers and lang-sleeved the overhemden and nevel of the gebruiksinsect in risk-bearing areas such as Maine, carry where he spends this weekend at coast the summer house of its parents.


With 755 in the books, connections adjusted, around Aaron A at home to lead

San Diego/Berlin [QP Questionable Achievements Desk] - Lucky and visibly tired Barry connections took questions in the giant club house Sunday mornings. Fair hours, after career house NR. 755 to run leaves, fought it, in order to use its completion in perspective. "I had, said and wiped not time," he its right hand off over its face. "it feels straight strange. I do not know which to think at the moment."
Telephone cell of the connections is full from congratulatory the announcements of the friends in and from the play, said it. Additionally to celebrating its completion with family Saturday night, he was pleased, the large moment with Alex Rodriguez (who to divide his 500. Career output run Saturday afternoon against Kansas town center struck) and Ken Griffey Jr. it had not spoken yet with its godfather Willie May. May left an announcement, but connections had not still back gebenannt. "it was late (the giant Padres play went to 12 Innings Saturday night),", said it and gluckste. "I cannot designate Willie in the morning around clock."
Of course the calls, which did not come at all, were also a part of the historical weekend in San Diego. "No.,", said connections scarcely, as in demand whether ball had designated Aaron, in order to offer congratulations. And representative bud blessed, which called Rodriguez, in order to congratulate him on its completion, designated not or went past to offer connection congratulations in the person. Connection spoke in high of degrees said by Aaron on Saturday night, Saying, "us, since baseball players have and particularly as African-American athlete, such enormous respect for ball Aaron," and also it would welcome "the assigned one" at any time.
Although it did not play on Sunday (it was "present" to wedge success only after the name). Getting seins, more extended practice learning section and house striking in former times run note-bind, on Saturday, seemed connections convinced and, how it looked in front to the week, and for the prospect of shaking the traveler Pressecorpses comfortably, which followed its pursuit of recording Aarons.