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While woman packs above, is unity seaweeds out at home?

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez swore yesterday that over its Mätzchen would not affect exposure its play for crashes the bombers away D to catch.

„I certainly do not think that this is a diverson to our crew, “the unity seaweeds, which is said before attractive effort last night against the Toronto of the Blue Jays.

But it can be a diverson at home: Its wife, Cynthia, left to its eastern side edition last night brusquely with two suit-cases and rejected to speak with reporters.

Unity seaweeds directly report it would not address that he spent Sunday out night on the city with delightful blond gallon a comrade - while its wife was back in New York with their 2 a yearly daughter. But its manager, Joe Torre, spoke above for his star player, after he had met him in private.

„Alex is a large boy. I know, seriously he its baseball take, therefore it was really not an expenditure for me, “Torre, which was said and added that he thought that the central attention was „over the line. “

The Anvisieren of the unity seaweeds, 31 nevertheless led and buxom, which is blond in Toronto, too some accounts described yesterday and completely more slugger than series strips more clubber.

The Toronto woman also soiled on arm before unity seaweeds two the weeks at a schillernden read Vegas nightclub, according to gossip web site Rodriguez stopped by the Tryst nightclub at the Wynn read Vegas Erholungsort with the blond after midnight to 14. May, away a day, while the Yankees from Seattle to Chicago traveled.

They tried to go to topless the pool staff that is bare, but became away, because there was a private party there, turned, a said source.

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