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Poop of the panda which it should recycle to the token

Japanese Chinese Poop Desk [QP] - “Like the photograph frame which I can do from poop of the panda” loving you do not call at all.

Depending upon the basis of propagation of the Chengdu giant panda the fertilizer and for the sake of the state medium and the fundamental public official where the mechanism which turns droppings from the kind which was exposed to the odor-free token which reaches to the statue of Olympic theme of the animal from the guidebook which obtains the profit dangerously rises were Monday.

Equipment of southwest area of the Sichuan house concerning 40 the ton of excretory ones a little the bamboo gave to the panda at times in the day when it creates.

“As for us 6,000 origins (the $770) the month when you use is normal in order at least to remove droppings, but and the assistant to the fundamental director, it is quoted and now they with the news agency of official Xinhua the way making a profit,”, Jing Shimin go, you say.

When from the bamboo of the not yet digestion where the product from wastefulness of the panda is due to special process and is selected mostly you can do at the company of local hand work, you called Xinhua.

As for the fertilizer “the public official who called the fact that it is chosen carefully to the telephone with the Chengdu equipment and answers, centigrade thermometer of 300 (Fahrenheit temperature of 572) with to be broken, to be dried, and sterilizing,”. Because he dyes, the fact that that name is given was cut off, but it meant that the product is all colors.

“The panda it digests those, fair remnant Jing of 70% bamboo of the thing fertilizer which is not” you said, because is, whether bad state excessively, it is not.

While price is not set, as for him the highest token - with each package…It meant that - you can gather the hair of the panda from wildness and include.

Olympic statue of 2008 “when it makes the motion panda feature which does various Olympic sports,” called Xinhua.

At March, as for the fundamental public official being urged to making the paper of the good quality from excretory ones of the fiber abundant panda which was said seeing, being able to do the paper from the fertilizer of the elephant, with travelling in the tie which you find.
As for the zoo of Chiang Mai of the north tie the paper of the colorfulness which you can do from the wastefulness which already the panda which has 2 creates is sold. Then making the paper includes chlorine and drying and feces with the soda solution, boils that, bleaches the last day process of the thing which makes that clean under that Sunday.

The panda is in the Chinese of the rarest world and Sichuan and western area of [shiyanshi] wildness, one of the most love animals of approximately 1,590 where mostly you have lived. 180 propagated already with the body of the captivity.

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