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McCain's Korean Concession Speech

Thank you. Thank you, my friend. Here's a beautiful evening, thank you for coming to Arizona.

My friend, we - the end of the long journey. They say the United States has clearly.

A few days ago the Senate had called to congratulate him mae overreacting.


In the next presidential election in the country, congratulate him, we all love.

Long and hard enough to compete in this series, the success of his instructions and I have respect for his abilities and tenacity. However, the hope of millions of Americans that he's really wrong, and people realize what a deep respect and commend him for president of the United States has almost nothing to do with the encouragement and a lot of trust.

This is a historic election, you should realize, that's why today, and Africa - the United States and with that special someone has a special meaning.

I always provide a chance for all industries in the United States and I do not think you want to seize the opportunity. Obama is too much to believe.

But even if all of us from injustice, you know, we are a long way from the old days, once the country's reputation and the fact that we still have the power to hurt the United States citizenship, the memory part of the blessing of American stained.

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