Tubes For Giving Different Words Back


Obama's Korean Acceptance Speech

Part-gay Politico Desk [AP] - If you suspect that the United States, where no one, all things, we are still alive, the founder of the dream of a miracle no one, who in our time, we have a problem with the power of democracy, this is your answer.

The answer to the people I've never seen this number the lines, schools and the expansion of the church to the nation; time, so that no one should be different for 3 hours or 4 hours, for the first time in his life, a lot of people wait; their voices to be different Was fine.

It highlighted the answer to the young and old, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans, Latin American, Asian, Native American, gay, part gay, straight, white, black, disabled and not disabled - American publication of the information world, we have red And blue is never the United States of America, we will always.

The answers to all the people for too long, too much cynicism, as well as we have been told to fear and doubt in the hands of the arc of history once again to hope they can achieve more during the day reoipnida bend.

Because we ileulhaeya a long time in one day for the future, and today, however, in this election, this is a critical moment, the changes came to the United States.

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