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Shrub which is treated for sickness Lyme previous year

Washington/Rotterdam [QP Vector Desk] - President Bush was treated for Lyme sickness last august, announced Wednesday of the white house after does not succeed reveal the problem for almost a year.
The treatment was revealed only then the white house all results of the annual physical examination of the shrub on Wednesday public made. It appeared in the section "of the past medical history" and in the summary with other skin conditions. The shrub was treated for what is doctors asked described breaking loose such as ", localised sickness Lyme" after developing the characteristic bullseye.
The sickness of Lyme is tick-borne a contagion which, if can cause onbehandeld left, artritis and other problems. The symptoms can include lethargie, common pain, fever, the limping and loss of appetite. A bacterial sickness, it can be eradicated with antibiotic treatment at the early stages, but are not possible more complicatedly to treat as early to be caught.
Did not say the treatment of the shrub to the spokesman Scott Stanzel of the white house in former days was revealed because it happened after its last fysiek, on 1 august, 2006. He did not say the doctors decided blood researches for sickness because to carry out Lyme the treatment for the one area worked where the President experienced a breaking loose, and he never progressed to other symptoms or saw a recurrence. "it was a breaking loose," aforesaid Stanzel. "it is not unusual for the President have tikbeten when he from the biking." the most important form of the President of exercise and recreational activity biking has.
To be doctors recommended him starts long trousers and lang-sleeved the overhemden and nevel of the gebruiksinsect in risk-bearing areas such as Maine, carry where he spends this weekend at coast the summer house of its parents.

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