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The Provocative Nestlings Dixie are Big Victors in the Grammys

Athens Desk [QP]
LOS ANGELAS, 11 the Fevr. - After the threats of death, the boycotts and a cold shoulder from the establishment of music of countries, the nestlings Dixie gained the sweet compurgation Sunday night in the 49$a annual rewards Grammy, conceiving the prices and in the five from the categories in which they were fixed.

They were the leading victors at the duration of one night when propagated the academy of recording the wealth, distributing even the bonds in two categories, since she granted four rewards in red boiling hot pepper chilli and three in Mary J. Blige. The Carrie Underwood, Justin Timberlake, Tony Bennett, John Mayer, Ludacris and the former musician michael Brecker jazz was between those that received also the multiples rewards.

The nestlings Dixie took at home Grammys for the leading three rewards: file, song and album of year. "Their reception the long album of countries of ways" (open wide/Columbia) kerdime'no better and "it does not expect in order to it makes the Nice" also conceived the better attribution of countries from duo or the team with phonetic. That song is a unapologetic answer in the uproar that is placed far in 2003 when made the singer of lead of area, Natalie Maines, a aproetoj'masti anti-wary observation in concertgoers London: "Precisely thus you know, we are ntropjasme'noj the Chairman of United States I am from Texas."

But the rewards of Sunday it was the retortion of academy of recording sti radjo establishment of music of countries, what it ignored album. Accepting the reward for the song of year, Mrs Maines joked, "for first time in my life, is dumb." But it found her voice in the most recent travels in the stage. "I am very also I think the persons they used their voice this same way loudmouth," it said, alone - referentially, since "was named the reception of long-lasting way" the album of year. The sweep of nestlings Dixie of more important categories Grammy that hrisjmey'ontaj as one sharp counterpoint in close-outside in the rewards of union of musical country in November. The academy of recording is constituted by the members in entire the nation that works in all the y'fi of music. The attribute of member of union of musical country is assembled between the artists, the engineers and the superior employees that are tied up in the establishment of Nashville.


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