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The mysterious disease hits the honeybee

Korean Ecology Desk [QP] - For a pollination only the mysterious one bottle possibility of honeybee in necessity it kills the honeybee colony from the nationwide various places, honey production, livelihood of the apiarist and possibly, the crops threatened.

The research worker seeks the cause of the disease which it soaks in Colony Collapse nothing orders and in order bet it is mixing up.

The report of the colony gruel sound which is special came from the nation of at least 22. - Who colony lichen retention thousands some effect the commercial apiarist whom it receives - above 50% of their honeybees lost at any time and it reported.

The colony is a possibility which there will be until 60,000 from the honeybee, and summer approximately 20,000 there is to a winter. “Us but this fortress Meade, in compliance with a transformation from Fla. the keeping bees funeral which total model,” Dave Hackenberg and Hackenberg Lewisburg is based to the place where he is using his honeybee, talks the many thing will happen from 40 and.

The honeybee population of the nation saw and honeybee general interpretation of the some apiarist anti- to destroy a more thing as varroa ticks which trample the honeybee population which most is wild the kip which it names, in compliance with the insect which is parasitic already shock it received to recently.

With production self-acknowledgement of the honey together, the commercial honeybee colony, the some bird with, pollinators bats and with the different insect is important in agriculture. In compliance with recently the report national research committee in order to tie bearing fruit, provides three quarters - fiber, the medicine and the fuel of all present anger plant what kind of and foodstuffs possibility firm inclusion of most - abundantly does leans pollinators for to pay attention.

Hackenberg, 58 in Penn state colleges was the first which reports a colony collapse nothing order in the honeybee research worker. Him in the approximately 1,000 colonies he to start in 2,900 - it notified them from November which after is in an autumn lower part.

“Us us honeybee compared to… It got and the honeybee which it makes it had and in order good season the [lye] it wrapped price right but it is doing,” he talked. “We are important and [swus] against the deer it is speaking. You the jar only like this many time is a possibility of being caught by the like this many once non flag.”

The almond tree in help 2 truck 1 minutes of the honeybee in compliance with 1 name apiarist who travels with the freight in California it seeks and his honeybee which it puts out almost all, in arrival, it dies it talks and it is burnt [su] vanEnglesdorp, the pen thread it cuts Oh Department of Agriculture which be is the temporary national apiarist for.

“Is serious,” with the thing it in compliance with me together President of American keeping bees union it talked the Daniel worker will show character. “It threatened the keeping bees industry which is to the United States wearing out [iss] case [eps] case for, that the comfort which is to air.”


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"President of American keeping bees union"

Clampants said...

The headline of this story if you go from English - French - German - English is:

The secret evil impact of the bees

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