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Russia proud, provocative after requires northern pole

Moscow/Athens [QP Arctic Desk] - Russia expressed the pride and the scorn Friday after a mission of landmarks in the bottom of northern pole that prompted a chorus of djakwmw'disis in the west for the placement of flag in the wkea'njo floor. A pair the Russian mj'nj-submarines reached in the most minimum point of Arctic ocean Thursday trying to are promoted the claims of Russia beyond the resource-rich bottom.
But the symbolic placement of Russian flag drew there the scorn from the superior employees in Canada and the United States - and country with their ambitions they exploit bulky oil and gas the reserves of Arctic potentially. "I read the messages for the statements that the Canadian colleague me made. With kate'plixan genuinely, the "Russian foreigner Minister Sergei Lavrov was reported by the delegation of news Interfax as saying at the duration of visit in the Manila.
The Canadian foreigner Minister Peter MacKay had said DET of broadcasters Thursday: "You look at, this it is not the 15$os century. You cannot go round the flags of worlds and installations and say, "we require this ground." "Washington was equally contemptuous. "I am not certain for if they've put a flag of metals, a lastjhe'nja flag or a sheet in the wkea'njo floor," said the representative Tom Casey of ministry of abroads. "Or the way, this does not have any legal surface or the effect in this claim." The Lavrov was replied aganaktjsme'na, saying: "We do not throw the flags around. We know what we can prove."
Diplomatic the dust portrays that how many it is in danger kacw's the reserves of apoljcwme'nwn fuels are decreased worldwide and receding Arctic ice renders the ypocala'ssjes exploration and the dja'trysi always more realistic. The American geological research, a delegation of American government, calculates that the roughly 25 tojs hundred reserves of world oil they are found above the Arctic circle. Russia has tried already it requires the ypocala'ssja rights that tentw'noyn in the pole, in a submission 2001 in the United Nations. That claim were rejected, and the Russian mission of this week searched the elements in order to is supported a new application.

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