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Honda reveals robot-like wearable

Tokyo/Lisbon/Marseille [QP Mechanical Executive Desk] - Imagine a seat of bicycle connected by mechanical executives to a pair of shoes for an idea of as the new device wearable of Honda functions. The experimental device, revealed Friday, is projected to support the weight of the body, to reduce l'effort in the knees and the people of it helps raises stages and is remained in positions d'squatting. Honda envisages the device which is used by workers in l'car or in the other factories. It showed a video of the employees of Honda which consume the device and which yield in lower part of the vehicles in a production line. The coordinator Ashihara June also said that the machine is useful for the people which are in the large files and for the people which function around to make deliveries.

To consume it, you by the seat between their feet, by on the close-cropped shoes and push on the key. Then only it starts to go around. In a test for means, this journalist finds who takes some to accustom. But I could detetar as it supported my movements, while raising in my lower part when I squatted and pushing in my soles to help with rising my feet when went. The system has a computer, an engine, pinions, a battery and probes boxed in him at once which answer a person movements of S, in accordance with Honda Engine Co. Plants of the fixing of the price and the healthy commercial product still boats with the drifting net.

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joe! said...

I would totally not "consume" that. Though I do hate d'squatting!