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Israeli Ambassador found brightly, drunk on city street

German Ball Gag Desk & Harness [QP] - Israel recalled its Ambassador after El-Salvador, after it was found bright on the roads by the serious-drunk and apart from farmhand shaft gear.

Supervise found Tzuriel Refael in a road close of the Israeli message in the San Salvador with the police.

He was drunk, was blocked its hands and he was only in the situation to mark itself after a rubber ball was removed from its opening.

An Israeli strange Ministry civil servant described the behavior of the Ambassador as unparalleled embarrassment.

It was recalled immediately to Israel.

San Salvador was Mr. Refaels first, who communicates as an Ambassador, after he was promoted last year by a technical position in the strange Ministry.

The scandal led to renewed criticism over the way, which preselects Israel its diplomats.

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