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Refrigerating chamber throws you can from the beer

German Beer Desk [QP] - When John Cornwell of Duke University last year graduated, landed it, a job as software Engineer in Atlanta however was soon longing for its university life-style. Thus the graduate of technique an announcement of the life on Campus established itself: a refrigerating chamber, which can throw A box beer to its couch with the clicking of a remote maintenance.

„I understood it quite, after I went out, “said Cornwell, one May 2006 graduate of Huntington, N.Y., „, I the university scene missed. It represents the university spirit, which I wished leave to go not of.“

Cornwell took you to the 22 a yearly approximately 150 hours and $400 in the parts, in order to change a mini refrigerating chamber, which is general for many university sleep hall areas into the beer-throwing new identification, which can discharge 10 doses beer of its magazine, before it needs a reloading.

If clicking the direct transmission, by which keyless device the entry of a car is reworked, raises a small elevator within the refrigerating chamber a beer box by a drilling and loads it into the catapult arm of the refrigerating chamber. Second clicking fires the device and throws the beer to 20 foot „far to enough to arrive at the couch “said it.

Is there a foam rubber explosion, if the box is opened? Not if the absorptive use yields „hands “, which box to swings, as if get caught, Cornwell, said.

If it developed its beer catapult, Cornwell said the fact that he indented some walls and near at A by its television inadvertently throws box came. It is fine-co-ordinated the machine since, in order to land a beer, in which it normally at home, mount, which it designated „a right-angled couch system. “

For now the machine throws only to doses, although Cornwell thought of forming a version, which can throw a bottle. Most beer, which it by the machine run left, was at a party, when it discharged a pair of 24 box boxes.

„I pushed the superdish watch out much out, “said he. „My friends are the reason, which I established him. I explained over the idea and hyped her to them as much and I had with it to go through. “

A screen, which marks the device, is a success on the Internet, in that more as 600,000 people it with watched out and acquires Cornwell more than $3,000 of the web site.

Cornwell said that he spoke with a brewing company about the machine, but at the moment only one exists. Asked, whether he could begin to establish some for, to sales, he said: „I hold that the choice opened, dependent on interest. “

As Cornwell a class participant at the duke was - a selection, private university in Durham - he participated to that technique robot basketball competitions the school, mentioned mechanical engineering natures professor Bob Kielb. He said the class participants, who were tried, in order to establish a robot, which could fetch a Pingpongkugel back and throw it into a small volume.

„He did always well in him, “said Kielb. „He came above with completely singular ideas. “

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