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Hip hour in the cliff and the coil reputation corridor

Italian Reputation Corridor Desk [QP] - Flash of Grandmaster and the five Furious once again has broken the music kinds when they have been introduced in the cliff and the coil reputation corridor the monday - announcing once again that the dry blow and the hip-luppolo are an important part of the music industry. They have joined other hard actuators Van Halen of the inductees, mistress Patti Smith of the punk, the wireless group of the girl of the years 60 of `the Ronettes and veterans R.E.M of the university.

During their induction, the president jay-z of annotations of the inceppamento of Def, than recently has sent back to the world of the dry blow with a new album, has discussed as the dry blow has been developed from when the days in advance payment of flash of Grandmaster and the five Furious they have broken a new land.

The Jay Z has declared: “Thirty years more subsequently than rappers have become cliff stars, the star of cinema, the heads, the educators, the filantropi, even CEOs that no of this would have been possible without the job of these men. „

The night moreover Smith has seen Patti impressionabile at last to take its legitimate place in the reputation corridor and receives a ovation enormous for its job in the music industry. Smith, that it had been neglected from the corridor of reputation in past, has transformed itself in in a icona in the kind of music of the punk and has regulated the champion for many of odierni executory of the punk.

During its induction Fred has shared the history of its delayed husband Smith “Sonic „and ringraziato other family and friends.

The night moreover has seen an induction in some way scomoda of the actuators Van Halen of years 80 - who has been in the news lately ringraziano to the cancellation of a turn of reunion and the announcement of the Eddie Van Halen of the guitarist that head in rehab. Wrap has been introduced from the members of the revolver of the velvet, but from the former singer Sammy Hagar and bassist previous Michael Anthony he only was on hand.

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