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The exaltation which deflects the family, it enters into the attack woman and the boy

Korean Kitten Exaltation Desk [QP] - The exaltation which 2 E [li] deflects the northern part [phul] after entering toward the house which is to the lat it attacked 3 name people. “I went out and it the whole i saw the thing, but to go out and like that thing [kath] did not see the thing thought the thing assuredly,” the Martin Gutschenritter chief of police talked Tuesday. The help Monday request took away the animal control officer to Melissa Breva families and [cyon] Pettit and Gutschenritter revealed. Breva talked Pettit where it seizes the cat 2 she is in a bedroom.

“She entered, when the front gate is being opened, Gutschenritter where the cat” talks with the house, she attacked it talked 2 name women who visit Breva after that.

Who the dog which it holds, Wendy Holliday it underwent and the position scratch revealed being important, she two ankle whole and two knees is with was fed up in her left calf.

“She talked and when the cat 2 enters into dwelling, in compliance with it the officer who happens reason hazard she attacked,” Gutschenritter revealed.

The different woman, Rebecca Cheever were fed up in the calf which hits.

After talking to the woman, Pettit went to his truck for the snare -- His “cat catcher.”

That time he shout stroke listened from inside the house.

When “he runs after, he had the blood in his face and he saw the young male,” Gutschenritter revealed.

Exaltation it attacked the boy who opens the bedroom door.

“He was fed up in his forehead, the nose, the left ear and the cheek which hits revealed” being important.

From Pettit after what kind of giving first-aid treatment, 3 it had the control which folds compared to in the great plain area medical center for and it went. The inquirer will arrive and ten time [cyon] Stadler, “he will reach and a gray and the white cat it to an attack form it is to distinguish the bedroom door he saw,” Gutschenritter revealed. “He closed the bedroom door and in his car for the dart gun he gave back.”

The composed transgression which is two cats it burns and the animal care which is smallness it has, euthanized.

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