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After Bush visiting the minister who purifies a location

Korean Mayan Sacrifice Desk [QP] - Mayan ministers after visiting the next week, in the President Bush new star one archeology group “the civil official who has bad spirit ", the relationship which is close will purify Thursday which talks a location in order to eliminate.

“The person joined in and (Bush) with the warfare which it likes with oppression of our immigrant sibling who is in the United States it joined in, he was doing, in order from our new star one ground the leg work the [lye] the violation for Mayan people who are he provoked, their culture,” Juan Tiney Mayan religious and revealed leader Thursday of Mayan rain governmental organizations which have the relationship which is close in the political leader.

Seven day tour of Bush's Latin America dries and nine Oh reels the stopover first which is it includes late Sunday. Monday to morning he Mayans mainly in the high west tableland was to endurance of the central American nation where the person has become dwelling [khey] it visits an archeology location Iximche he was planned all.

Their ancestor will can rest from peace the thing after Bush's visiting Tiney and to be like that “purifying the new star one location of bad spirit " indispensability “the mental guide of Mayan communities” it decided it revealed. He also talked a religious ceremony -- Song the vice- [lu] and the direction which burns, the herbs and the candle which thing which accompanies -- Latin America Indian March 26-30th the 3rd normality will prepare a hazard location.

Bush's travel on the front of his arrival with the police who is in Brazil protest and the collision which it has about under including the protest which it ignites to the already different place from Latin America, there is a time. Bush will visit Sunday from report other, in compliance with Colombia 300 warm winter police who have the explosive which it makes from the rock which fights 200 students and the small house masked.

The united states Bush “history from fine murderer " and “demon. “It called, Hugo Chavez of President Venezuela left flank fight the effect which happens and the tour which challenges in the sharp perception which disregards Iximche, with on the capital west of the reel drying hour mote 30 mile at 1524 at capital of Kaqchiqueles kingdoms, were discovered an endurance all it is aimed on the front of Spain conquest.

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