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Regarding a murder the flag which bounces the Brazil housewife and the husband where the guilt is given proof

THE UPPER GREEN ONION [lwu] WHICH WILL CRY, BRAZIL [QP Korean/Brazilian Food Desk] - the Brazil housewife her husband the guilt is given proof today at 19 it is in the jail for a murder the line it boils, but it cuts that body small with nip and the [thwi] it is long. Rosanita Nery dos Santos and 52 narcotic drug, that time in gruel sound that person it will live the [lu], from northeast approximately 900 mile of Sao Paulo before 2 years it punctures is to his sleep police spokesman Idmar Bonfim her husband who, commercial business it revealed. She boiled and very that time, 100 formation of a cabinet, before on the stairway lower part where she is in her house hiding it from the plastic bag the [thwi] she was long, Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos bodies which it reveals roughly Bonfim she cut. Him after the police receives an anonymous transformation, it discovered the body part it talked the thing. Bonfim part of reading ceremony non lac every [cik] where the murder collects the grudge or $34,000 summary life assurance value in the wife was revealed the thing. From the relative of the woman it refers a confession, he does end, her in order to retaliate also from her husband whom it does not know shame many year the map which “will do a crime.” He did not provide a detailed fact. Santos killed her husband and it negated and the thing small she that body, comfort it was small it talked, Bonfim revealed. “She entered and the assailant who masks in her house, she killed and the body in her which it reduces her husband after that comfort she demanded and offensive odor of the decomposition body the neighborhood person in order the flag which bounces,” he talked it because means that will close the fact that it is smart.

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